This unique collaboration began when two friends - one a poet, the other a dancer - explored the idea of developing previously written poems into a script for an evening-length contemporary dance work.  What they did not expect was the audience's highly emotional reaction  to the story and the importance of the still relevant conversation on eating disorders which affect far too many people.  This overwhelming support has fueled the artists to pursue funding and bring the work to as many audiences as possible.


The poetry of Ballet's Child is honest and at times dark, contrasting an otherwise beautiful, idealistic world of dance.  Although our culture has visited this familiar theme, the poetry is anything but cliché.  This biographical work describes what it feels like to be a dancer, and more importantly, what it feels like to be not good enough.

Ballet's Child incorporates ballet, modern and contemporary dance and explores themes and relationships introduced in the poems.  Theatrical vignettes throughout the work keep the story relatable and the audience connected.

Short films add texture and atmosphere, exploring the potential artistic ends when film and live performance merge.  Through dream telling and flash backs, the films suspend reality juxtaposing the physical self with the limit of the human mind.

Although all three elements of the work can stand independently (and have), it is the integration of the three, presented as live theatre, which makes Ballet's Child personally captivating and emotionally compelling.