Lani Scozzari is a writer, long distance runner, mother, teacher and classically trained actor and dancer.   She began writing the semibiographical poetry in Ballet's Child over 15 years ago as a means of recovery from an eating disorder.  Publications of her poems and essays include The Cortland Review, Comstock Review, Midway Journal, Mom Egg Review, The Boiler Journal, many others as well as several anthologies. She is the recipient of a finalist award from The Massachusetts Cultural Council for her poetry in Ballet's Child. Many different writing conferences have awarded her with scholarships including The Frost Place, The Palm Beach Poetry Festival, and The Workshop for Publishing Poets.   While earning her M.F.A. in Poetry at Sarah Lawrence College, she served as the senior editor of their literary journal, Lumina. A graduate of Dryfoos School of the Arts in Theatre,  she also attended North Carolina School of the Arts and holds a B.F.A. from Emerson College in Poetry. Currently, Scozzari teaches poetry and reading to elementary aged children and is looking forward to teaching writing workshops for The Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness.  She and her husband are raising their two young daughters in Tequesta, FL.